What sets us apart?

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High standards and full engagement

Unlike our competitors, we don't compromise quality for profit margin by buying survey samples from online platforms that commoditize streams of online users. There's no substitute for a thoughtfully composed, fully managed research community like Forthright.

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More responses, less bias, better data

While you might call our online panel “convenience samples,” tests show that we stack up well against probability samples. We reach all groups of people to limit the need for statistical weighting.

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Unprecedented transparency to the process

Never wonder about the status of your sample project. Keep tabs on sample flow with our real-time project dashboard and proactive daily updates from your assigned Forthright agent.

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We're experts in crisis avoidance and resolution

Our platform tracks project health and identifies red flags automatically. But that doesn't mean we leave it solely to the software. Each project is managed by a Forthright agent who is empowered with the best tech tools to support you and your project. You'll never be alone!

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If you'd like to inquire about our API capabilities, please contact us at . Otherwise, please start a project below.

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