Step 1

Define Your Audience & Project Goals

The first step is to define your survey audience. Our simple project starter makes it easy, where we walk you through standard sampling options. Or, you can provide custom specs. Select optional add-ons, like survey programming, and preview pricing to best fit your needs.

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Step 2

Confirm & Launch Your Project

After you submit your project, one of our Forthright agents contacts you to confirm your specs and answer any questions. We trial your survey, and, once testing is complete, officially launch your survey to our panel. We can sample your survey even if you program it yourself and additional consultation is available at every stage.

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Step 3

Send Survey & Collect Data

Post project launch, you can observe field progress with our realtime dashboard and view project manager updates posted to your account. QA checks are performed throughout the process and any concerns are immediately addressed. Otherwise, sit back and relax while we field your survey.

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Example Use cases

Whether you’re in product development, marketing, or academia, we have use cases that illustrate how Forthright Access has successfully served your category.

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Academic use case

Academic Researchers Seek Two-Wave Study About Political Views

Forthright Access was contracted to deliver a sample size of n=5000 nationally representative respondents in the first wave of a two-wave study on political views. Each participant was required to receive the follow-up survey exactly seven days after they completed the first survey. Forthright Access made it easy to track and deliver the follow-up invitations on time. Ultimately, the goal to successfully re-survey nearly all of the original respondents was easily met and exceeded given the strong recontact rates of Forthright panelists.

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Corporate researcher use case

Corporate Researchers Tap Forthright Access for Ongoing Research

Throughout the year, this particular corporate client plans media buys surrounding various events. Follow-up research needs to be deployed after certain calendar events or media pushes to measure awareness, impact and attitude among potential customers. The client utilizes an external survey development tool and Forthright Access’ “do it together” service model to conduct their data collection in a timely manner while remaining in control of the entire research process.

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Market researcher use case

Short Deadline, Large Sample Size for Sports Fan Research

Forthright Access partnered with a market research firm to provide data collection for a new client doing sports fan research. Due to delays on the client side, the data collection timeline was condensed to only four days while the project still called for a large sample size. Forthright Access’ powerful tools made it easy to set daily goals, keep demographic balancing on target, and gather data quickly to meet this aggressive goal and keep the project on schedule.

Let's do this together

Whether you want more information or are ready to start a project, we’re here to help.

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